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Meet the Director and Producers


I guess you could say I’m an out of the box thinker. At least that’s what most people I’ve worked with tell me. And I see that as a really great compliment.

I reckon when you’re trying to get something done well, you need to find people who actually deliver. I’d like to think I’m that kind of person too. It’s a trust thing really. And nurturing trust takes intention and effort.

As far as craft goes, you could say I’m an all-rounder. I’m comfortable in pre-production, energetic in production, and detail oriented in post. For me, a massive priority is getting a project on the right track in the conceptual stage – where all options are on the table. In my experience, great preparation makes the rest of the process a whole lot more effective.

I love a good story. Something that connects with the common traits of our shared human condition. I’m intrigued with the gamut of emotions people are capable of experiencing and get excited when a project evokes emotion and inspires the audience.


Husband and wife team, Libby and Joseph, have stuck together through it all being parents that fight for their daughter. Travelling the world doing controversial treatments have greatly helped their daughter, Isabella to become more independent. 
They are now sharing their story behind the big screen and have taken on roles as producers in this movie. 


I’ve always been a nostalgic person, but when I became a mother that feeling of looking back and wanting to savour every moment just intensified. I became obsessed with documenting our everyday life, and all the details in between. My favourite images are the kind that tell a story about the people in them. The kind of images that aren’t just pretty and technically perfect, but the kind that make the person looking at them FEEL something.

When I work with a family, it’s about more than just a photography or film session to me. It’s about truly connecting with who they are, learning about their story, and providing them with a film and/or images that breathe life into their memories. It’s the reason why I limit the number of sessions that I do.

I am inspired by families that are comfortable in their own skin, that are ok with opening up to me and sharing their story (no matter how mundane it might seem), and that are absolutely content just hanging out together while I record their memories.
The families that book me tend to choose me for my ability to create beautiful images for them without any pressure to perform or be anything but themselves. They tend to feel a strong connection to their home, to their family, and to the idea of preserving memories and stories that can be handed down to their children and their children’s children.
In addition to filming and photographing family life, I’m also a speaker, educator, and mentor to photographers who want to learn the art of family filmmaking.


This is Dave.

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